…Aaaand it hit me. With myself fumbling beneath the veil of shame and guilt, a subtle ray of light struck me. The words of my favorite writer sank into the hollows of my gut, sending me somewhat of an “esteem booster” in the midst of an unlikely place in the metro.

Mr. Paulo Coelho never fails to amaze me. The humble yet empowering wit of this Brazilian man always sends stars on an otherwise clear night sky. He makes the simplest things beautiful; he creates loveliness out of mundanity. He fills dreamless wondering with inspiration. And brings more depth into a slightly shallow and clouded perception.

I wish to see him someday. This might mean that I will travel to Brazil with my man, and if that is the case then let it be! I wish to look into his deep eyes and swim into the wisdom that they contain. I wish to hear right from his mouth the very words that have given me a glimpse of hope, and passion, and inspiration. I wish to have a conversation with him and share with me his secret of living such a marvelous life as a not-so-ordinary-writer.

I wish that soon (hoping it’s sooner), he would know that somewhere thousands of miles away, someone takes delight in the love and faith that he bespeaks.

I might be shooting for the moon, but I am hoping to see you soon, Mr. Coelho. ❤️


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