I have always been dreaming. Before I sleep at night, I anticipate the time when I have no control over anything. There, I would be in different places and scenarios in the past and in the future. I would be with many different people- people whom I’ve known before, people whom I used to know, people who are currently in my life, and people whom I do not know.

I love dreaming. There, I get to be in a different reality that only my soul can experience. I get a glimpse of something that only my future self can see and know. I also come back to the time what my past self used to hear, feel, and love. I love those things.

What makes me wonder and amazed is when my dreams foretell me of life events that are yet to be seen. And they do happen! To my surprise, I am able to see, hear, and know what I am about to witness the next day or the next few weeks. Sometimes dreams also tell me secrets and untold stories of the past. I do not know how this happens but I love whatever I have.

In the midst of everything, I know there is a reason why I dream dreams. I believe dreams have deep meanings, and only time, space, and fate can tell what those are.

Tonight, I am ready for another adventure and mystery. God bless everyone! ☺️