Today, I stopped hoping.. and waiting for it to happen.

I stopped dreaming and believing.

I stopped loving what I love.

For what I’m hoping for, waiting for, dreaming, believing for, and loving is in vain.

I stopped forcing my own will to pursue it, and instead I let God’s will make it happen.

Until then, I know that what I stopped doing will begin again.. but not anymore in vain.

For it is God’s will at work and it is as sure as His love that is my gain.


5 thoughts on “The Day That I Stopped Believing

  1. Hi. I dont know how to start, but all that you’ve been through since before and up until now…i wanted always to remind you that i am always here for you. I was happy reading your blogs until now to know whats going on and feeling how you felt right now even though i dont have the chance or time to talk with you. To those who follows you here, i would just to let others know that i witness or attest what you have been through and especially what i have been through. For me she is always a true best friend or sis. We both had same religion before but ofcourse we decide where our hearts and desires. Camille and i, never see our religion as a reason for our sisterhood/friendship. We dont measure our faith but we help to strengthen each other. I always say to myself that she had became the strong person i see compare to me. I never stop finding ways if “kamusta na si camille” or i ask someone i can ask about if “ano na balita kay camille”. Last 2014 was the last time we talk. I never heard from her, im not sure if she tried to remeber me still or if she is mad. Im unsure if she remebers me on her very important event on her life. I tried sending you by the way in your gemini accnt in yahoo but it seems its updated already. I know your happy. Truth is,everytime im down i read your page. Its just reminds us before. Any thing on our wilderness, do what we wanted to do like kids, and living in a magical full of happiness,fun and laughter. I miss you! We need something to cathch up. You know my email


    1. Didn’t expect your message, my long-lost friend. I hope and pray that wherever you are, you are safe in God’s hands and that you are where you’re supposed to be. I’m so sorry if I haven’t gotten in touch with you for a few years but I have never forgotten you. I miss you too, Cha. I do pray that wherever you are, you feel God’s amazing and great love for you and your family. He loves you more than you ever know. Hope to see you again someday.


      1. Hi i read your recent blog. I dont know where to email you. If you have my email add pls email me. How are you? I always read your blogs it make me feel at ease To feel what your feeling right now, to know how okay you are or how happy you are, to know if you have problems. Always remember that im always here. My number still thesame. Anbyou know how to reach me. Im excited to talk to you. Love you sis.


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