Okay, so, how am I supposed to feel now? Acting like I don’t have emotions at all, and what gives? Sometimes I don’t know myself, or at least, I don’t hear my voice. Maybe I am oblivious to the truth, the painful truth, that I am supposed to hear. To listen to. To believe in. But what is pain when the truth is flailing right in front of you, to change you, to correct you, to save you from greater pain? What is pain when it can give you new beginnings?

A beginning of peacefulness, calmness, or understanding. A beginning of acceptance and fulfillment. A beginning of the real you. When all you have are wonders and you have more questions than you have answers, when you have more fears and doubts than grasp of reality, when you are thrown into confusion and the serenity of your mind has been clouded with inanity, when you do not know how to listen at all, when you realise the truth that the world is a mystical illusion and that yourself is your realm… Only then you will comprehend that life can only be understood when you truly and fully know your true self. That is the truth, for the truth is written on the slate of your heart.

Maybe, that’s how I was supposed to feel. Surely, that is.


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