Hope and dream- Two things that do not exist in the tangible reality but are delicately woven in the deepest part of the heart. Why so? Can we not hope for happiness? Can we not dream dreams? But even if we do not hope and dream, we still believe in something more.. in something greater, lovelier, more beautiful.. in something good.

Ahh.. Goodness. Ever since the consciousness and feelings of humans were breathed into existence, the desire for goodness and pleasure came about. The never-ending search for happiness and goodness transpired. Goodness may be different for everyone else. Love may be good for someone but chaos for another. Quietness may be good for some but boredom for a few. Laughter may be good for the light-hearted but pain for the burdened. We see goodness as how we want to see it; it is never adulterated nor destroyed eventhough we don’t see it as it is.

We hope for something good. We dream of something good. We all hope for happiness; we dream about the laughters of the past. We hope for courage; we dream of reaching the summit of a mountain. We hope for triumph; we dream of becoming the person we have always wanted. We hope for love; we dream of loving. We may see these things as good. Some may not (after all, we decide whether we want happiness, courage, triumph, and love). But whatever we see as beautiful, happy, courageous, triumphant, lovely, whatever we think is good, we desire them. We hope and dream that soon, we can attain them.

But what if these hopes and dreams are blown by the wind? Will we be willing to chase them? What if these hopes and dreams are shattered, slowly, painfully, will we be willing to move forward and start anew? What if.. our hopes and dreams become the reason of our pain and suffering, will we still continue to hope and dream? Happiness is felt after knowing what sadness is. Goodness is seen amidst wickedness. Laughter is heard after the wailing and sorrow. Love stands out when there is hatred and strife. Light is revealed in the middle of darkness. We all hope and dream, but as we do, we can still be hurt, be trampled down. We can still fall and fail. But hopes and dreams defy failure and hopelessness.

Believing that these two unfelt realities can change the tangible realm can create power that will propel one to carry on and move forward. It can thaw a cold heart. It can set fire on water- It can do the impossible. It can mock the lies and can show the truth. Hoping and dreaming can unearth treasures that shallow men cannot find- they make us see with vision. They cure men’s blindness and limpness; they cure their incapabilities. They can turn the timid into brave, the coward into courageous. They can change doubters into believers, and the intransigent to open-minded.

We hope and dream simply because we have hopes and dreams. We hope and dream because we want to experience life to the fullest. We hope and dream because we desire something good; no one dreams of something wicked for themselves (unless they’re sadists). We hope and dream because we believe in something- We can always believe and yet do not hope and dream, but we can never hope and dream without believing. We hope and dream because we have the innate goodness in our hearts, for we are made in our Creator’s goodness and likeness. We want goodness because He is good. 

Hopes and dreams are a proof that there is a consummation of everything desired. Without them, no happiness and fulfillment would ever transpire on earth.. Or perhaps, the earth itself dreamt of experiencing life, too? Who knows?


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