I breathe. I do so because I am alive.
While I am alive, I breathe. While I breathe, I am alive.
They happen at once.
They are intertwined, coinciding, simultaneous.
Each of them is inexistent without the other one.
They like to happen all together because it is their nature.

I write. I do so because I love to.
While I write, I love. While I love, I write.
Why, it is possible to do these things at the same time.
All because my love can be written into words.
And my words can be told in love.
For the love of writing is writing about love.
They like to be together because they love to.

I think. I do so because I am.
I am because I think and I think because I do.
Now there is a variation-
I do because I am.
And I do, I think, I am because I can.
I can do anything-
All because I am alive.
And I’m breathing. And I’m loving.

And so I write.


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