I love sunshine. I love its ethereal illumination and the dreamy magnificence of every streak of light that passes through whatever it can pass through. I love every speck of the little things that dance in the steady rays and every beautiful thing that gets caught up in them. I love light and its warmth.

I love the sounds of the wind. That peaceful and solemn music that trickles in my ears- it creates a song that never gets old throughout the ages. I love the invisible nature of the wind too. It is beautiful even though unseen.

These things, and the other million little things- I love such, and so I write. Because I see, I write. I hear, and I write. I feel and love, hence, I write. There are still countless things that I can see, hear, feel, and love, and there are still countless things for me to put into words. I love those that capture my thoughts, and I love every blossoming idea that comes from them.

Writing gives me a sense of freedom. I can go to places that exist only in dreams. I can travel through the seas and oceans, perhaps without any boat. I can hear the songs of seagulls over the waters. I can fly up to the sky, and these imaginations are my wings, with the gentleness being the wind beneath them. They give me the chance to do things that are beyond my reach.

I write because I want to create. I want to create an existence that no one can either take away or destroy. I want to walk, run, and fly without limits. I want to sing endless songs that make the world listen and dance or maybe, be put to slumber. I want to speak love. I want to laugh and cry and smile and frown. Sometimes I may also want to lie down and just.. lie down. And feel the earth embracing me and wrapping me up in its warmth.

I write because I am eccentric. I am different. And I want to feel the world as if it is my own. I want to live as if I love only one thing, that is, writing my own possibilities, and I want to die for only one thing, and that is for doing the impossibilities. I want to forget and let live and I want to remember and let love live in me. I want to be my own self, uncovering the truths from within, and discovering the unknown. I need to see myself as part of the eccentricity of the world. Though they banish or scoff- oh, they are the words they tell.

I write to simplify. The intricacy of life leaves me tired and burdened. I write because I want to learn, and I want to keep learning. Foolishness is not worth a thought, but learning is worth all thoughts. I want life to be simple, just as an old man says. And I find simplicity in putting madness into words. For without words, wisdom is not possible.

Finally, I write because I’ve got something to say. And I believe I have said a tenth of the million things that I really want to say.


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