It's the uncertainty that makes our destiny known. © Camille de Pano
It’s the uncertainty that makes our destiny known. © Camille de Pano

Two thousand fifteen. What’s in store for me? I don’t know. Nobody does. But like a ride in a roller coaster, you will never feel the thrill if you’re not there. Like a treasure box, you’ll not see the precious stones if it’s not unearthed. And like a masterpiece, you’ll never marvel unless it’s painted with love.

Same thing with life. It is always yet to be shown. The uncertainty is what makes our destiny known. This new year is another timeline of laughter, of sorrow, of cheers and of wailing. It’s another season of growing and maturing, of ripening and harvesting. It’s another time of sowing and reaping. It’s another moment of knowing. It’s a new story of meeting people… who will make me smile, or cry. Who will hurt or build up. Who will make or break. Who will slap wildly, or who will hug sincerely. Who will say the sweetest words yet full of poison, or who will rebuke yet strengthen. And people who will hate and kill, or those who will love and give life. It’s never your choice who will come and go. But it is your choice who you will hold dear in your heart.

The world continues to revolve. And so does the galaxy continue to hold the stars in its vastness. The seas move their waters incessantly. The wind blows from nowhere and it ends in an unknown place. Our lives are a vessel of all uncertainties and vagueness. And though I am blindfolded, the light still emanates from before me. It’s the light that covers all specks of darkness. And even though I may be surrounded by mischief and folly and vanity, I will still trust. No matter what, I will be happy. For happiness is a choice. And happiness is from the heart. I will look to that light no matter what. For I am saved. I am a beloved child of a Father who knows everything. And so I will delight, I will be thankful. For no matter what happens, I am deeply loved and I am never forgotten. This is my purpose for the year… And way beyond. A loving God who has crafted every detail of my life is here. And He stays… no matter what. Cheers to 2015 and the unknown!


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