‘Time for a cool change, I know that it’s time for a cool change.’

The song went on as I drove my way back home. Surprisingly, my thinking was averted towards the things I didn’t expect… to change.

Change is inevitable. No matter what we do, we cannot keep things perpetually in its similar state. There will always be transformation, fluctuation, evolution, and eventually, resolution. And the cycle goes on. There is nothing permanent in this world except for change.

The earth revolves around the sun 365 and 1/4 days a year. The moon constantly causes gravitational pull on our planet. The water cycle keeps on doing its job to supply rain on earth. They all seem to do their job in the same way everyday but what we do not see is the uniqueness of each event in the history of the cosmos. Ever since time began, the world has never been the same again.

A flower blossoms in its due season. The trees bear fruits when the harvest time has come. Leaves fall off from branches in autumn, and they are brought back to life in the spring. Clouds exhibit their fancy forms and figures, along with the wind that blows from nowhere and ends at a secret place. The waves of the seas are infinite… and are infinitely unique, by the way the waters direct each curve until it reaches the shore.

There is uniqueness everywhere. There is newness. There is always life, because life is all about change. We cannot keep it the way we want it permanently. We have to live, we have to change. As the serenity of the hums in the fields echoes, as the fragrance of the meadows travels to as far as it can go, and as the sweetness of a voice changes your whole being, there will always be a reason to live. And hope. For in every change that we see with our very eyes, there is but one thing that will never change- love. It is the love that brings meaning and purpose. It is the love that binds every unique being on earth. It is the love that sustains our frail existence. It is the only permanent thing that can bring back the dead to life.

Change… is constant. What I never expected is that it could be. Not until I saw everything that is vain can be gone in a blink of an eye, I could never accept the beauty of changing. Not until I loosened my grip on the things that I once loved, I would never embrace the joy of living. And now that it’s ‘time for a cool change’, I will never let the coldness stop my heart from beating for that love that can bring an everlasting life.

Accept change, embrace newness- through His unchanging love for you.


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