Downcast is the forlorn soul
Ne’er a curve in her lips seen
In her eyes is gleam they stole
The lore is gone with the sheen

Why hast thou forgotten
The splendid beauty of yore
Brightness the shadow has taken
Sting of melancholy she bore

Hidden in elegant tresses
Is frame painted with scarlet
Ever forbidden from curses
And the stench He never let

Nevertheless beyond her sight
Is hope, flickering with spark
Fear of the unknown despite
Is frolic like a dancing lark

“Your loveliness is like lilies
Created with ornate beauty
You are apart from all follies;
You are loved,” said by Majesty

Behind her veil is bright ruby
Unearthed by One who was
Sorrow in her shall never be
But more than gold love will last

As ebony as the skies seem
The sun of morrow shall stand
And the set of pearls must beam
Kissed by a rose, sweet and bland

From then she should prance!
A Being sings to her ears
Her youth, like flowers that dance
She weeps, but He hears!


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