Yes, it’s a lamppost by the road. It seems nonsensical, dull. The gloomy horizon and the teardrops from the sky put the image in a pensive mood. The car I’m in was moving when I caught sight of these street lights in that rainy afternoon of February a year ago. With my headset snuggling in my ears and spectacles hanging before my eyes, I looked through the windowpane and saw the drizzle becoming heavier. I took a shot of the post and captured it well enough to be recognized despite the moving vehicle. The picture appears simple and empty… yet never devoid of words to tell.

This lamppost is lit when evening comes. It gives enlightenment to a dark path; it shines out so that everyone passing by may see the road they are taking. It makes it possible for drivers and commuters to perceive every intersection, highway interchanges, sign posts, turn, curb, or if there is a walkway or a pedestrian lane, to notice the people walking or crossing the street, and to see the other vehicles moving along. It lets them discern which way to go. It serves as an illumination. Or for a simple passerby, it prevents him from tripping over something that can possibly hurt him.

Without this lamppost, accidents and crashes can happen. Darkness is a deadly path to take. A dark road is never a safe course to trek. Traveling through the darkness means getting lost and deliberately pushing yourself to potential fatality. No one wants to get lost; everyone of us wants to see even a flicker of light twinkling in the middle of a dark place.

We all need a lamp that lets us see our way as we journey through our dark lives.

We all need light. Without it, we cannot live. Who can live in darkness? Can you see in the dark? When the clouds become thick and begin to hide the sun and heavy rain pours down, where is your shelter? When the night falls, what is your lamp that lets you see through?

Who is your source of light? You know the answer to the question. Why not let it light up?

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – Jesus in John 8:12


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