While I am not much into photography, I believe my visual sense has always loved capturing matters around me, and sometimes for no reason at all. I know I have a deep appreciation of nature and that gratitude drives me to take the best shots that I could.

Walking around our subdivision in the nearly highland setting in the province of Laguna in the Philippines is a simple activity that I often enjoy. Not only that I get to see the lush trees, some vacant lots filled with the mixture of colors of plants, grasses and pretty flowers, and the nice mountain backdrop, I also happen to recognize the depth of each thing that I pass by. Some of the trees are so thick and rich in appearance but this particular kind of tree, which I don’t know the name, kind of caught my attention. To some this may probably be a plain picture of a somewhat dry and not-at-all beautiful tree, but for me it tells of genuineness and artistic tendency of this very part of nature. Taking some shots I suddenly noticed the colors of sunset in the background, that’s why I fell in love more with the picturesque image.

Though what we tangibly see is a withered form of a small tree, subliminally, it is a perfect illustration of life’s physical descent- that all of us will ultimately reach in time. Coupling this with the beaut of dusk, it so perfectly describes this degeneration. Nevertheless, I never intended to make the impression dismal, but this simple scenery is just a real interpretation of the natural inclination of earthly life. On the one hand, despite the gloom, I believe there is beauty in everything. And beauty is not seen superficially but rather discerned in depth, nature, and authenticity. This withered tree is just beautiful.


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