Life is a race. You run on a track where everybody else also runs. Everybody runs but not with the same speed and vigour. Every athlete possesses different stamina. Hence you all run on the same course and have one goal in mind, but with different levels of endurance. There is no any other way, no any other direction; you follow where the path leads you and all of you are on the same racetrack, but again with dissimilar conduct and will.

     But first let’s look at the start of the race. Each participant prepares physically, mentally, and physiologically before the competition. And just before the starter pistol fires and the athletes gear up, each has the goal of reaching the finish line first. You picture that in mind even before the race starts- you dream of it, you visualize reaching it ahead of all your opponents, you desire achieving it, and you chase it.

     In the midst of the race, everybody is in bold action; still the minds’ goal is in unison. But as you run relentlessly, your endurance lowers and your resilience decreases. You need to keep up with your strict nasal breathing to maintain your normal oxygen requirement in the body. Thus, you need disciplineDespite the fatigue, you need to discipline yourself for you to continue running the race. Even before the competition starts, you need discipline beforehand in training, exercise, and diet. With self-discipline, you need to equip yourself with eagerness and perseverance for you to go on.

     Now we look at the start of it all: the reason why you run the race. All the athletes run for they want to get a prize. You surge ahead because you want to reach the finish line. You cannot possibly break the ribbon if you will not run and reach the target line! If you never run to your destination, you will never rest on your accomplishment. You cannot have something if you don’t start fulfilling it. Stop waiting but start running.

Therefore all the runners run in such a way as to get the prize. 

     Remember that you’re not the only one running the race. If you don’t go under the strict trainings and don’t abide by the rules of the competition, others might get the prize that should have been yours. Be patient in hardships and have self-discipline to win. Many compete but only one gets the trophy. 

Many are called but few are chosen. 

     Be that one. Be that chosen one.

     Our life is a race and the world is our racetrack. Run with aim and aim for the everlasting crown.



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