In a timeless existence,
In a vastness of presence
Stood awesome magnificence
Beauty, the earth is a dense!

Wonder and marvel at them you may
Fiery visage appear at day
And all the mirrors reflect at bay
Until far beyond are lights that stay

Placid is the silken façade
Of crystal blue and spawning shad
No swirling eddies that are mad
But only colors, bright and glad

All green contours they sway and dance
They whisper, “Don’t pass up the chance
To go with the wind, break and lance”
Evermore they cherish the lands

Beauteous are the free and wonderful!
They thread the path like a rolling spool
They move and the ground is their footstool
No man can steal, not even a fool!

‘Tis a space of endless melody
Of sweetness and of tranquility
Lest being lost is anybody
But found with fragrant identity

An immense love is the reason
A foundation in all season
Never be gone as of treason
Still and all carried by a Son

Oh let the waters flow with wisdom
Let the lips drink from cup of freedom
All the chosen lamps oh let them come
Make way oh gates; open the kingdom!

Summon all truths and be a light
Not by man’s vain power and might
And the fire stands still, no more night
Voice of ages lifts us in flight!

And all and everything goes back
From where a Hand that puts in track
Neither a form nor speck they lack
In brightness that started from black

The endless cosmos speaks of something
Far beyond any understanding
And all the answers life is seeking
Were and will be revealed by a King!


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