As the light embraces the fields
and the sky hovers over the realm
Your face beams with the flowers around me
The brightness of the sun reflects the mirror in your eyes
that prance before mine
The strong contour between your eyes is like a tower
that’s built with sinew
And the sweet little tuft of velvet softness
hides those pearl barricades
that make my heart leap when they show

Oh that your voice becomes a music with the hum of sparrows
And your laughter is a song of yesteryear’s dream
And the deepness of the windows of your soul utters
a thousand expressions of fondness beyond words-
Swoosh! I am gone with the wind when you smile

A palette of colors from your sight
overshadows the gloom of this countenance
Tales of sweet nothings bring me back to innocence
And I know and I hear
when you speak with the roses around me
and sing with the winds that adopt me; aye I listen!

Suddenly the clouds are extinct and the light is concealed
My dreamy mind awakens abruptly
I notice the stars lean over the skies
and the moon is infatuated with their sparkle
I brood of you once more; where have I seen you?
Was I in my slumber or was I in my whims?
Oh, a fancy of my mind’s eye?

Or perhaps I have seen you, I have watched you dance
in the field under the sunshine
And I have heard you carol with the meadowlark in the midst of heydays
I have looked at you, at your perfect and pretty glances
I have listened to your resounding laughter and melodious giggles
Yes, I have known you,
I have sung with you-
In my yesteryear’s dream


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