As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind.” – 2 Kings 2:11

God can do such inexplicable miracles. Like that of Elijah’s sudden disappearance and ascent to heaven in a whirlwind, God can also do that in your very life! You know, God can also suddenly remove any hurdle, problem, hindrance, stumbling block, or wall that’s hindering you from walking towards God’s plan for your life! Isn’t it amazing? God holds your life and anything is possible for Him!

God does amazing miracles in our lives: in our ordinary, routine, or usual days without us even being aware of! Sometimes we just tend to ignore them or we really don’t recognise them at all! But everyday, God is doing a miracle for us. While we’re walking outside, talking with our friends, acquaintances or strangers, while eating in a restaurant, riding a bus, strolling in the park or mall, climbing a mountain, bathing in the sun, or when staying inside the house, whatever we’re doing or wherever we are, God is doing great and amazing things for and around us, so amazing that our senses can’t even recognise, and only through the eyes of faith that we’ll be able to see them.

Right now, God is doing an amazing thing for you! He is holding the earth on its axis, keeping it balanced so that you won’t fly away caused by the absence of gravity and later on thrown away into space! Now, can you see gravity? Certainly not. But it’s your ‘faith’ in its existence as a result of the gravitational force that’s pulling you down toward earth that’s making you believe even though you’re not even seeing it! It is the same with God. He will not exist in your world unless you have faith in Him. You see, God is everywhere. He sets the leaves of trees and the grass in motion by blowing- there comes the wind. He lulls the seas and oceans- ergo the waves. He posts directional signs in the sky- there goes the uniform migration of birds in the air. He gives wonder and freedom to animals- there goes the laughter of hyenas and dolphins. He sprinkles beauty over the fields- then there’s the bloom and fragrance of the meadows. And He loves us, His children- then we praise, worship, honor, and glorify Him. The creation indeed has a natural response to His goodness. There is an infinite number of reasons why we live. And that infiniteness only reflects the Maker of every limitless reason there is. Now, that’s another unfathomable miracle that God has done… as He does. Everyday.



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