Oh yes, the night sky so lovely, so demure
softly speaks of beauty, so stunning, so pure
While the moon in transient silence looks at me
The stars, with their shining eyes, wink; they’re carefree!

Marvel and gaze at the masterpiece I do
and wonder with the bliss that gives not a clue
Whether from some distance two eyes also stare
at this light in darkness, perfect lover’s lair

My thoughts wander in the vastness like meteor
showering their splendor and sweetness evermore
My dreams and knitted tales I forbid to keep
hoping that they’ll reach him even as I sleep

Oh, this music of longing shall always play
Until the night sky whispers at break of day
that the time of revealing has been so near
The hidden name and face at last will appear

By then the stars and countless twinkles will beam
So long this forlorn woman, there I will gleam
Solitude’s music under the lovely night
will be a song of endless love at first sight

No more will we peer at beauteousness alone
No more promises only cosmos have known
No more the moon will stay silent and naïve
to these two who waited and in love, they live

Starry Night


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