Happy people don’t have it all together
They smile even though nothing’s getting better
They just have Jesus in their hearts
For it’s with Him that true joy starts

Don’t be deceived, the illusion is cunning
Trust His Word, not a single He’s forgetting
He knows what lies ahead of you
For He’s been there before you do

His thoughts for you are always for your own good
Draw you away from Him no one ever could
His love so wide, long, high and deep
And you, He ever wants to keep

So many the desires of man in his life
No wonder in his mind and world there is strife
One thing that you should know and do
It’s God’s will, not by me or you

We all have been at the point where we fall short
Our selfishness and pride is our bad cohort
It saps our desire for true joy
And we dwell in our shallow ploy

And then you ask, “Why are these things happening?
Did God abandon me, or perhaps He’s sleeping?”
But all this time you’ve been drowning
In His love without you knowing

You see, happy people don’t have everything
But it is Jesus whom they are worshiping
Who gives them life and contentment
That this world won’t give and just can’t

And happy people do not need to pretend
To praise when pushed to limits and have to bend
For out of joy and thankfulness
They follow Him and give a “Yes.”

That’s the reason why they endure a battle
They’re victorious, nothing can make them rattle
They have a sword, two-edged and sharp
It’s God’s Word that’s sung with a harp!



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